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Promo Masterclass

Promo Masterclass


The following topics will be presented:

• History: the birth of the Promo File kick. Creating Promo style kicks.
• Working inside vs outside of the box. Combing hardware and software.
• The dont’s on mixing your track.
• How to create a hardcore track on a low budget. Presets or free plugins.
• Combining synths with your kickdrums.
• Tips on taking your productions to the next level
• Dissecting of a project : Running against the rules


Described as accessible dark, Promo’s typical rough sound is known worldwide thanks to unique bass kicks and the catchy hook he gives to his productions. From File to Type and past Thunderdome anthems, Promo has been a key-factor in the never ending revolution that is today’s hardcore scene. This indicates the influence and importance of his productions on other producers worldwide.